Hi Everyone

We’re back! Have you missed us? We’ve missed you!

4 days without you and we’ve made so many changes here at Scentnifique HQ. Most noticeably for our customers are the changes to our website. We have kept the same design as quite frankly we love it, but the way we have laid out the option to order from the wax melts section should make for an easier and more convenient shopping experience by being able to shop by scent rather than shape.

There are 16 new scents that have been added too, but 126 scents just isn’t enough for us so as always we’ll be constantly adding to our range

We have also added new products such as tea light boxes, new burners, new starter sets available to purchase now, and in the next few weeks’s you’ll start to see lots of other wonderful products making their way online too. We’ll have bath bombs, soap sponges, room sprays, pumice foot scrubs, whipped soaps, hand soap and more! We can’t wait to share them all with you and to get your feedback too

Have you signed up to our mailing list yet? You havent? We’ll now’s the time to do it as we will be sharing an exclusive online discount for all of our subscribers.

We hope that you love our updated website as much as we so, and we look forward to you shopping with us soon

All the best,

Steph and the team at Scentnifique