Steph’s Wax Melt Favourites- Top 10

People always ask what my top 10 wax melt scents are, or what I would recommend, and the honest answer is I can’t just pick 10, because there are too many that I love. In case you hadn’t already noticed, I have a little wax melt obsession, as do most of our customers!

My top wax melt scents change throughout the year, not just based on the weather, but sometimes I forget about some of the best, until I make a new batch, or someone in our Facebook group mentions it

So here are some of my favourites and their scent descriptions, also where you can find them on our website, some quick links to save you having to search, although our new search bar facility will help you find your favorite wax melt, bath product or home fragrance item quickly. 

1. Cosy Cashmere

An intoxicating sweet musk fragrance with supporting notes of white orchid, jasmine and vanilla. Although this started off as a winter scent it has been popular all year around, in fact it’s the Scentnifique number one selling wax melt scent.

This scent is also available to purchase in our home fragrance range, which includes reed diffusers, car air fresheners, aroma beads,carpet fresh and vacuum discs

Find it in the Sensual, Sultry & Mystical Wax Melt Collection


 2.  Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla

Zesty burst of pink grapefruit, mandarin, lime and sour lemon first greet the nose, lightened gently with a hint of spearmint. This fruity concoction gives way to a bouquet of white floral tines including jasmine, gardenia and lily, transforming effortlessly to reveal creamy base notes of sweet vanilla.

Find it in the Fruity Wax Melt Collection


3. Fiji White Sands

A vacation for the senses, the fragrance will transport you to tropical shores where fresh fruit is layered upon a gourmand delight. Mouth watering notes of zesty lime and lemon burst, sitting on top of delicious pineapple and fresh strawberry, before coming to rest on smooth coconut and vanilla cream.

This one was only going to be a limited edition summer wax melt scent, but it is far too loved by everyone to say goodbye too! Find it here


4. Goji Berry & Orange

Sparkling and effervescent top notes of grapefruit are enhanced with ripe cassis berries juicy raspberries and peaches

This scent is also available to purchase in our home fragrance range, which includes reed diffusers, car air fresheners, aroma beads,carpet fresh and vacuum discs. You’ll find it with our collection of fruity wax melts


5. Purple Rain 

The first appearance from our cocktail range of wax melts. A refreshing citrus, fruity cocktail accord with notes of lemon juice, lime juice and cranberry combined with alcoholic nuances of vodka and orange liqueur and a touch of sugar.

This scent is also available in our full range of home fragrance items too. This includes reed diffusers, carpet fresh, aroma beads, vacuum discs and car air fresheners.


6. Mango & Coconut 

The exotic and sweet scent of tropical mango and coconut. A fruity fragrance with notes of creamy coconut, sweet nectarine, ripe peach, mango and juicy strawberry on a base of soft vanilla.

As this is one of our brands most popular scents, as well as in our soy wax melts this scent is also available as a Reed diffuser, as well as other home fragrance products too

Another one from our fruity wax melt collection (Are you noticing a bit of a theme yet?!?)


7. Ibiza Sunset/ Seychelles

Escape to paradise. This stunning fragrance combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. Our take on the popular scent 

This scent is also available to purchase in our home fragrance range, which includes reed diffusers, car air fresheners, aroma beads,carpet fresh and vacuum discs

This scent is in both our designer dupes wax melt range, and also the sultry, sensual & mystical wax melt collection.


8. Sleepy

My favourite pre-bed time scent. A Calming Sleepy Fragrance with notes of lavender on white musk & warm woods. Our take on a similar smelling scent by a popular hugh street bath bomb retailer.

You’ll find this wax melt scent in our Bath & Body category


9. Raspberry Ripple

I almost forgot about this little beauty. From our sweets & treats wax melt collection. I love a lot of scents in this range, but most of them make my top 20, but are just pipped to the post for my top 10 . A rich, warm fragrance smothered in raspberry and strawberry jam notes. This scent is sure to make you crave an ice cream 


10. Peachy Keen

Sweet, ripe & juicy. A powerful peach fragrance with orange and blackcurrant top notes, vanilla, pineapple, jasmine and rhubarb.

Surprise Surprise, another one from our fruity wax melt collection. Find it here on our home fragrance website


Find these scents, plus many more every Wednesday at Hedge End Village Market


But what about my least favourite? Controversial I know but Snow Fairy doesn’t do it for me! But you all love it so I will continue to suffer for my art!


Hope you enjoyed reading all about my top 10



Owner- Scentnifique