Sultry,  Sensual & Mystical Wax Melts.

This is one of our favourite wax melt collections, full of musky, mysterious scents. At Scentnifique HQ, we are lovers of all things musky, and fruity too!

We love this wax melt collection so much, because it’s one of the things that we feel sets us apart from other wax melt vendors. It also happens to be one of our most talked about wax melt collections and often triggers the question in our group “Ooh, what does that smell like?” Prompted by replies of “Amazing” “Unusual but lovely” from our wax group members

In this collection, we have focused on scents which are not at all mainstream, the more unusual wax melts and ones which you are less likely to find elsewhere.

Our suggestions from this range are Dark Kiss, Ibiza Sunset, A Thousand Wishes and Cosy Cashmere, which are 4 of our top best sellers out of all of our 150+ wax melt scents.

We are adding to this wax melt range constantly, so check back later to see what other usual smells we have added

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