Ok we admit, we are a little obsessed ourselves with making wax melts (which is a good job really!) Including our summer collection we have 156 scents to choose from! Here are our collections….

The Baby Collection

Inspired by the birth of my daughter back in 2019, this collection of wax melts will remind you of new born babies, and also make a lovely new parent or baby shower gift.  Each wax melt comes in a baby themed shape too. Baby Powder is the most popular scent in this range

Bath & Body

These scents are reminiscent of your favourite bath and shower products. Although the wax melt scents are in a similar style and identity as the well known brands, with similar names, Scentnifique is in no way affiliated with these brands. Our best sellers in this range are Snow Fairy, Down Under and Sleepy

Clean & Fresh

Our clean and fresh collection will leave your house smelling, well clean and fresh! A clean house and wax melts go hand in hand so this range is perfect if you love cleaning. Not sure what scents to pick first? We suggest Rose Wonderland, our quickest sell out scent ever!

Designer Inspired

This range of popular melts contains many smells similar to well known wax and home fragrance products you may have heard of. We are in now way affiliated with any of these companies, our wax melts merely smell similar but at a fraction of the price. The best selling scents in this range of wax melts are English Pear & Freesia, Fluffy Towels and Apple Strudel


Our super fruity scents will leave a zingy and refreshing aroma in your home. Be sure to check out our best selling fruity wax melt fragrance- Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla, which also happens to be the number one favourite scent at Scentnifique HQ too

Gentleman’s Corner

It’s not just the ladies who love our wax melts and home fragrance products, the gent’s do too! So we have included a range of manly smelling wax melts! We have many female customers who love the smell of manly melts too. Sauvage is the most popular scent in this range with our customers

Happy Hour

Our happy hour collection contains many of our most popular scents. Purple Rain is a firm customer favourite. Let our wax melts and home fragrance items fill your home with the scent of your favourite drink, or let the cocktail scents transport you back to memories of a sunny day, a sandy beach and the gentle sea breeze. Wax Melts + Cocktails = Winning combination!


Our perfume wax melts smell very similar in style and identity to their namesakes, but Scentnifique are in no way affiliated with any of the designer brands. If you are looking for a recommendation from this range, the Madam Coco and Black Opium are the 2 most popular scents with our customers. Si is our charity wax melt of the year for 2021. 50% from all sales of this particular wax melt scent will be donated to Diabetes UK. Thanks to all of our customers who purchased this scent between October and May 2021 we have been able to donate over £125 Please note that all of our perfume wax melts are made with fragrance oils rather than with actual perfumes ( to use real perfumes would be highly dangerous)

The Spa Collection

Scentnifique’s Spa Collection contains a range of relaxing scents to help you relax and unwind. Our personal favourites in this range are Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp, and Seychelles. This is one of our newest categories of wax melts, but if fast becoming one of the most popular, now we are all slowly getting back to the hustle and bustle of “the new normal” it’s important to still take some time out for self care, and some “me time” So when the hustle and bustle of every day life takes it toll, make sure you “Wax & Relax” !

Sweets & Treats

This is Scentnifique’s favourite range, hence it’s also the biggest! You can be sure we always have at least one of these delicious scents melting away at Scentnifique HQ. Our favourite wax melt scent in this range is Cherry Marshmallow. That, along with Raspberry Ripple and Blueberry Muffin are the customer top picks in this particular wax melt range.  Disclaimer – We cannot guarantee that you won’t want to grab the pick’n’mix whilst melting one of these scents!

Sultry,  Sensual & Mystical

This is one of our favourite  collections, full of musky, mysterious scents. At Scentnifique HQ, we are lovers of all things musky, and fruity too! We love this collection so much, because it’s one of the things that we feel sets us apart from other wax melt vendors. It also happens to be one of our most talked aboutranges and often triggers the question in our group “Ooh, what does that smell like?” Prompted by replies of “Amazing” “Unusual but lovely” from our  group members In this collection, we have focused on scents which are not at all mainstream, the more unusual wax melts and ones which you are less likely to find elsewhere. Our suggestions from this range are Dark Kiss, Ibiza Sunset, A Thousand Wishes and Cosy Cashmere, which are 4 of our top best sellers out of all of our 150+ wax melt scents. We are adding to this range constantly, so check back later to see what other usual smells we have added


Limited Edition Summer Range

Our Summer scent wax melt collection is finally here! 22 wonderfully sunny & summer scents which will be with us until September, unless they sell out before. Evoke memories of summers gone by, sitting on a white sand beach, cocktail in hand, and sea breeze in your hair. Does the smell of suntan lotion make you think of Summer? We have that covered! Fiji White Sands, and Bora Bora are our favourite wax melts in this collection, and so far are proving to be the 2 most popular with out customers too, along with Seashore Stroll. Every Summer there are always scents that our customers can’t bare to say goodbye too, so there is a strong possibility that several of these scents will make it into our permanent wax melt collection.

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Scent List June 2021