Cylinder Pewter Electric Wax Burner


This stunning electric wax burner features ‘Touch Technology’. Touching the base of the burner will give you three different levels of heat and light. With a 40w bulb, you can be sure that it will fully melt the wax, and give off as good a scent throw as any tea light burner,

The silhouette burners are lined with a shimmering material to give a truly luxe design.

Approx 17cm tall

A spare 40W G9 bulb is also provided

Only 1 left in stock

Electric Wax Burner Safety

  • Unplug the electric wax melter when not in use
  • Do not move the burner when it is in use or still hot
  • Always give your burner time to cool down between uses
  • Do not clean your burner with any chemicals or abrasives
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Always use on a flat surface, and preferably on something to protect your surfaces