Car Diffuser (Air freshener)


Our car diffusers come in 27 wonderful scents, We have picked these scents in particular as not only are they our best selling fragrances, but we also know they give the best scent throw too to keep your car smelling beautiful.

To use, unscrew lid, remove stopper, turn bottle upside down so it soaks the cork (but not enough that it leaks out) replace lid, hang in your car

Refill’s and vent clips are now also available by clicking the links below

Turn the bottle upside down every few days to refresh the scent

For CLP information, please refer to the scents on the wax melts pages

Please note: This product is made to order, and is usually shopped/ ready for collection within 48 hours




Do not place on painted or wooden surfaces as damage may occur

If spillage occurs on the dash board or fabric, wipe up immediately

Wash hands with soap and water after handling

If digestion occurs- Seek medical advice immediately

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