We have signed up as a wholesale partner brand via Faire
If you have a shop, outlet, retail unit, market stall, website for gifts etc, you can get £300 of our products absolutely free!
No gimmick, no catch, I have done this myself as a retailer I was so impressed that we have signed up as a wholesaler ourselves!
Unfortunately it’s not for private customers, you need to have a shop or a website to be able to take advantage of this offer. But if you don’t qualify for this offer but know someone who does, please do share this post with them.
Faire will pay me so I don’t lose out, the idea is that you will be so impressed with Faire (and hopefully us) that you will want to use the website again and again, just like we have ourselves
Here is the link to sign up via my referral link and to get £300 worth of products plus free shipping!


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